Creation skatepark was born in 2009 when EPIC skatepark went in to administration. The owners of the adjoining Climbing Centre took control of the entire site and re-branded the skatepark, and embarked on a continual refit program over the next few years.

It's fair to say, in the beginning we didn't quite get it right. Some changes were greeted with enthusiasm, others disappointed certain disciplines of the sport, unfortunately the economics of running a skatepark are not so straight forward. Huge rents, rates and associated overheads meant that the only viable working solution for the skatepark was to downsize it slightly, allowing the more profitable climbing centre operation to expand.

In 2010 the owners decided to turn Creation Skatepark in to a charitable organisation. Donating the assets of the business to the charity. It was incorporated in to a company without shares and a registered UK charitable company. This change in the businesses structure meant that the skatepark would continue to operate, and have reduced costs associated with it's running which meant it was a much more viable proposition for the long term.

In 2013 the skatepark successfully applied for a grant from Sport England which allowed us to embark on a radical re-fit of the park, in it's entirety. We enlisted the help of skatepark designers FourOneFour, one of the best known and respected skatepark companies around, and they came up with a brilliant redesign plan for the centre. This included a huge new bowl complex,  new rhythm and street sections, which fully complement the huge vert ramp which we have on site.

Love it or loathe it, we keep Creation Skatepark running for our fifty thousand users because we firmly believe in a fun, friendly place that everyone who skates, scooters, BMXs or rollerskates can engage in their chosen sport. We appreciate that we can't satisfy everyone's wishes in the space we have, but we will continue to learn and evolve as the years go on.