Health & Safety:

One of the most important things to remember is that enagaging in an extreme sport like skateboarding can be dangerous. You will need to have the right mind set, and appreciate that at some point you are going to fall off, and you are going to get hurt!

Our instructors always put your safety first. When on a lesson you will be required to wear a helmet and knee/arm pads.

Structured Sessions:

So what will you be learning? This depends on your ability. If you are completely new to the sport then your instructor will take you to our vert ramp, it's going to be a slow process as you learn to balance and move correctly and the flat base of the vert ramp is an ideal location to start. The long and high transition on the ramp also gives you the opportunity to learn to turn without the fear of running out of space, or enagaing in other obstacles or people!

Remember that the instructor is there to help you in every way possible, so ask questions, ask for demonstrations, try and get as much information as possible to help you progress.

It's up to you how many sessions you want to have before you cut loose from your instructor and go it alone. You learn by doing, so the more you try to ride, and practice riding the better you will become.

When can you book?

We have a skateboard instructor in every Sunday, so just give us a call on 0121 449 8000 to book one of these slots. For any other dates, we have instructors who work on a freelance basis so we can also accommodate sessions midweek pending their availability.