Obviously we want our users to be safe whilst engaging in their chosen activity.

Whilst certain safety equipment is optional, helmets MUST be worn by all users under the age of 18 at ALL times whilst riding. If you do not own a helmet then you can hire one from our reception desk for £3 + £2 refundable deposit.

We recommend the use of pads, including knee, elbow and wrist, however this is down to the individual user's discretion. 

Users breaching our safety gear policy will be given a verbal warning, and persistent offenders may be asked to leave the building.

We get asked all the time why we have a helmet policy, and quite simply, we have a duty of care to the safety of the users of our facility. We have to ensure that we do everything in our power to safeguard the public, and whilst other protection is optional, we insist on the use of helmets for anyone under 18. A broken arm or leg can heal, a crushed skull will not! We see many accidents, and 99% of those users who have had a serious accident were thankful that we enforced the helmet rule. Without it, they might not have been around to tell the tale.

This policy is backed and endorsed by our insurance carrier.

There's also the argument surrounding certified and non-certified helmets. Only certified CE rated helmets (conforming to EN1078) can be worn in our centre. If you really want to know the difference, then check out the video below.